Presentation of Project

Get an overview of the Nordic Green Climate Wall project.

Heat pumps can optimize the use of green walls

In this video, you can learn more about the Nordic Green Climate Wall project and why the combination of a green wall and a heat pump can make a significant difference for a building and the people in its nearby surroundings.

Adding to the many benefits of green walls

Green walls are a specially developed system consisting of plant boxes and a watering system, which are mounted on facades and buildings. In addition to the aesthetic and recreational benefits, green walls are also beneficial for biodiversity, and they are an important element when it comes to improving buildings and creating a greener and healthier urban environment.
Green walls are active energy absorbers and coupled with a heat pump, the energy can be extracted anf advantageously used to improve the energy balance of a building and at the same time be a new source of domestic hot water.

Benefits of green walls - combined with a heat pump:

  • Beautifies buildings and areas
  • Creates green recreational and social urban spaces where horizontal planting is not possible
  • Positively affects people's quality of life, and invites interaction with transients/residents
  • Increases biodiversity with plants, flowers, and edible plants which are attractive to birds, bees, and other insects
  • Reduces sounds and noise from roads and people
  • Insulates and shields buildings and facades
  • Provides local cooling of e.g. courtyards etc.
  • Removes particulate pollution from the air
  • Collects rainwater (cloudburst protection)
  • Provides energy savings
  • Can raise the energy class of a building
  • Produces heat which can be used for e.g. domestic hot water
  • Score on sustainable construction (DGNB)
  • The technology can be used in connection with buildings worthy of preservation

Economical and sustainable concept 

By combining a green wall with a heat pump/cooling system, it is possible to create a more economically sustainable case, which supports the electrification of the energy supply and contribute to alleviating the current energy crisis.

The test setup at Danish technologoical Institute consists of a heat pump and a green wall with an area of 29.25 m2. The green wall consists of 300 planter boxes distributed over 10 rows.