Technical Interviews

Learn more about the project, its different elements, and the technologies behind it. 

The Nordic Green Climate Wall project is an inter-disciplinay cooperation and various fields of expertise are relevant for the development of this new concept. Hear some of the participants from Danish Technological Institute talk about the different elements of the new concept.

Choice and continuous analysis of plants 

An interview with Lars Jørgensen, Senior Consultant, Danish Technological Institute

Test setup and data collection 

An interview with Jakob Skov Pedersen, Senior Consultant, Danish Technological Institute

The green climate wall and its adaptation to the climate 

An interview with Katrine Nielsen, Project Manager, Danish Technological Institute

The energy potential of the green climate wall 

An interview with Ivan Katic, Senior Specialist, Danish Technological Institute

Installation of heat pumps on green climate walls

 An interview with Frederik Ploug Winthereik, Consultant, Danish Technological Institute